Wild Rift Patch 3.5: Release Date, Champions, Items, Skins, Wild Pass, More

The latest game update in Wild Rift, patch 3.5, will introduce various new champions, skins, items, runes, game modes, Wild Pass, and Jungling changes. Here are all the details.

Wild Riftpatch3 5 Banner
Patch 3.5 is arguably one of the biggest game updates in Wild Rift history. | © Riot Games

We may be fast approaching the end of the year, a time when everything - and everybody - slows down, gets some time off, and enjoys the holiday season.

But before we all get fat on chocolate and fit a lifetime's worth of gaming into that period between Xmas and New Year, we have one more major update coming to a game that will likely be getting hammered over the holiday season, with League of Legends: Wild Rift patch 3.5 just on the horizon.

Patch 3.5: Darkin to Dawn looks a doozy too, with plenty of content to tide us over until the developers get back to work in 2023.

Darkin to Dawn will introduce three new champions to the rift, as well as several new items and runes, a brand new Wild Pass, changes to the jungle, and more champion skins.

Below you can check out all the new content due for release, as well as when the patch will hit your device.

Wild Rift Patch 3.5 - Release Date

Wild Rift patch 3.5 will be released on November 17, 2022.

As always, you will have a 24-hour grace period after the patch update's launch where you can play with other pre-patch players.

However, once that time is up, you will need to download the latest update to continue playing Wild Rift.

Wild Rift Patch 3.5 - Balance Changes

Kayn Patch3 5 New Skin
A series of balance changes were introduced to Wild Rift in patch 3.5. | © Riot Games

Several buffs, nerfs, and adjustments will be rolled out in patch 3.5. Here's an overview of all those affected:

  • Champion buffs: Ezreal, Senna, Seraphine, Shen, and Ziggs
  • Champion nerfs: Irelia, Janna, Vex, and Yone
  • Champion adjustments: Kassadin, Lux, and Rakan
  • Item/Rune buffs: Divine Sunderer, Youmuu's Ghostblade, Domination: Brutal, Domination: Electrocute, Domination: Scorch, Resolve: Adaptive Carapace, and Resolve: Bone Plating
  • Item/Rune nerfs: Domination: Triumph, Morellonomicon, Inspiration: Pathfinder, and Inspiration: Phase Rush

You can read the complete balance changes in detail below:

Wild Rift Patch 3.5 - New Champions

Aatrox Kayn Lilliapatch3 5 banner
Aatrox, Kayn, and Lillia join Wild Rift in patch 3.5. | © Riot Games

Three new champions are joining the rift in the shape of Aatrox, Kayn, and Lillia. They summon their evil Darkin arts to the game - except for Lillia who adds a bashful side to this patch.

Here's an overview of these champions:

  • Aatrox: He's an ADC who's suited for the Baron Lane as he is geared to the teeth with various damage-dealing abilities.
  • Kayn: He's an assassin champion who can switch between being an ADC or Jungler due to his dynamic 'The Darking Scythe' passive. This passive allows him to tailor his other abilities to his needs during the match. Regardless of the path you choose with Kayn, he can deal devastating damage with his short-cooldown high-impact abilities and Ultimate.
  • Lillia: With her array of spells, she is a powerful AP jungler who can initiate battles with her slow and sleep abilities.

You can read more in-depth about their abilities in our guide:

Aatrox and Kayn will be released at the launch of patch 3.5. However, Lillia will be released during patch 3.5b on December 21.

Wild Rift Patch 3.5 - Items And Runes

Items Runes3 5
Say hello to five new items and runes in patch 3.5. | © Riot Games

Patch 3.5 will introduce five new items and runes to Wild Rift.

Here's a rundown of their abilities:

  • Horizon Focus: It's a new item perfect for mages who want to deal bonus damage. For each long-distance skill shot, you will earn a single stack. Gain two stacks when you hit your crowd control abilities. You can consume enough stacks to deal bonus damage if you gain enough stacks.
  • Lord Dominik's Regards: A new AD item that will offer marksmen more penetration options. Its passive, Adrenaline, will grant you increased attack speed on your first attack after you're out of combat with other champions for a few seconds.
  • Awakened Soulstealer: This item was reworked for more aggressive players who rely on snowballing their leads. The rework introduces two new passives: Soulflare and Death Touch.
  • Phase Rush: A perfect rune for mages who want more utility. It grants you bonus movement speed and ability haste when you hit a champion with three separate attacks or abilities within a few seconds.
  • Sudden Impact: A new rune that replaces the old Champion rune. It will grant you adaptive penetration when you exit stealth or use a dash, blink, or teleport to deal damage to an enemy champion.

Find out which champions go best with these items and runes in our explainer:

Wild Rift Patch 3.5 - Jungle Adjustments

Jungling3 5
Jungling will be made easier for all players in the upcoming patch. | © Riot Games

After Riot's successful items and enchantment adjustments for Supports, they're now taking aim at improving another role: Junglers. In patch 3.5, Riot will be making it easier for anyone to Jungle by removing unnecessary complexities while maintaining its "high depth and high impact."

Two new features will be added. The first is a buff-sharing mechanic will be introduced that will allow you to share blue and red buffs. The second is a Jungler-specific 'Conservation' buff that will allow you to cash in its stacks for gold by killing a large monster.

Other than that, two adjustments will be introduced. Smite will be reworked in a way that changes how you can upgrade it to be based on the number of times it has been used. Both base and upgraded Smite will deal a fixed amount of damage to monsters. Additionally, the Red Smite will be removed from Wild Rift.

The stats and behaviors of monsters will also be adjusted to allow for faster clear times and survivability during those early stages. These changes will also improve your first camp start decisions and the rewards you can get from the Rift Herald.

Check out the full details of the Jungle adjustments below:

Wild Rift Patch 3.5 - New 'One For All' Game Mode

One For All New
Go 5v5 against a team of the same champions in the new 'One For All' game mode. | © Riot Games

Have you ever wondered what it's like to go up against five Blitzcranks? Well, the new 'One For All' game mode is exactly what you're looking for. It will be introduced to Wild Rift on November 18 and allow you to assemble a team of the same five champions to go against a team who will also choose a single champion that all five of their member will play as.

All the rules of the regular match system will remain the same except for champion selection.

Learn the ins and outs of this brand-new game mode here:

Wild Rift Patch 3.5 - New Champion Skins

Blood Moon Aatrox New
Blood Moon Aatrox is one of the best Wild Rift skins we've had to date. | © Riot Games

14 new champion skins will be introduced to Wild Rift in patch 3.5.

These are:

  • Blood Moon Aatrox
  • Soulhunter Kayn
  • Crystal Rose Akali
  • Crystal Rose Riven
  • Crystal Rose Vi
  • Chroma Crash Ekko
  • Chroma Crash Jinx
  • Chroma Crash Samira
  • Frostblade Irelia
  • Spirit Blossom Lillia
  • Spirit Blossom Teemo
  • Spirit Blossom Thresh
  • Spirit Blossom Yone
  • Spirit Blossom Yasu

See all the patch 3.5 skins in all their glory here:

Wild Rift Patch 3.5 - Season 10 Wild Pass

Supervillain Jhin
Supervillain Jhin is a Wild Pass exclusive skin. | © Riot Games

A new Wild Pass for Season 10 will be released as soon as patch 3.5 lands in Wild Rift. The main highlight is the new Supervillain Jhin and Ascended version skins which you can unlock at Level 50 of the Wild Pass.

As with every Wild Pass, there will be a new set of rewards that include extra XP, chests, access to seasonal missions, and entry to the recently added Emporium shop.

Read all about it here:

That's all we've got for Wild Rift patch 3.5. From the looks of things, it'll prove to be one of the biggest game updates we've had in recent times. Riot is hoping to end 2022 on a high note, and we're all here for it.

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