Brawl Stars December Balance Changes: Buffs And Nerfs

Supercell has revealed the December balance changes for Brawl Stars. Here's an overview of all the details.

Brawl Stars Dec Balance Changes Banner
The December balance changes brings new buffs and nerfs to Brawl Stars. | © Supercell

A massive game-changing update is coming to Brawl Stars. With three new brawlers, the entry of the highly-anticipated Starr Road, Chromatic Shop, and Fame feature just amongst the things expected to arrive, the game will see a major change in its landscape that's unlike anything we've seen before.

To welcome these changes, Supercell will also be releasing a new set of balance changes for the month of December.

Here are the December balance changes in detail.

Brawl Stars December Balance Changes - Buffs

Grom Brawl Stars Dec
Grom will be getting an upgrade in the December balance changes. | © Supercell

Ten brawlers are set to get a buff in the December balance changes. Generally, most of them upgraded their HP, Super damage, and basic attacks.

Here are the brawler buffs in detail:



  • Base HP increased from 4,400 → 4,600
  • Super damage increased from 800 → 960
  • Basic attack projectile speed increased from 3,804 → 4,000
  • Arming time of basic attacks reduced from 1,100 ms → 1,000 ms
El Primo
  • Super damage increased from 800 → 960
  • Talk to the Hand Gear tiles range increased from 1 → 3
  • Base damage increased from 1,100 → 1,160
  • Basic attack projectile speed increased from 800 → 880
  • Turret HP increased from 3,000 → 3,300
Mr. P
  • Base damage increased from 720 → 760
  • Base HP increased from 5,200 → 5,400

Brawl Stars December Balance Changes - Nerfs

Gale Brawl Stars Dec
Gale is getting incredibly nerfed. | © Supercell

Four brawlers are set to receive a nerf in the December balance changes. The biggest nerfs is Gale which many describe as a complete incapacitation of this unique brawler. Buster and Otis saw their basic attack damage reduced, while Griff had his Super charge reduced.

Here are the brawler nerfs in detail:

  • Base damage reduced from 1,580 → 1,480
  • Base HP reduced from 5,000 → 4,800
  • Super charge from basic attacks reduced from 120 → 90
  • Super charge from Super reduced from 170 → 100
  • Reduced Twister Gadget duration from 200 → 100


  • Super charge gained from Super reduced by 23%
  • Super charge gained from basic attack reduced by 10%
  • Base damage reduced from 460 → 440

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