Clash Of Clans December Update: New Troops, Capital Leagues, Defenses, More

Supercell has released a massive December update for Clash of Clans.

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A big December update has arrived in Clash of Clans. | © Supercell

We may have received that long-awaited Town Hall 15 update earlier this year in Clash of Clans, but the devs aren't done with the game just yet for the year. A huge update has landed on the sandy shores of our Home Village this month. It brings with it big updates for all areas of the game, but specifically for the Clan Capital.

Amongst other things, new troops, spells, defenses, features, and Clan Capital Leagues were introduced. These additions are welcome, as we rarely see Supercell release significant updates such as this.

It's an exciting time for all Clash of Clans players, so let's dive into everything released with the December game update.

Clash Of Clans December Update - New Skeleton Park District

Skeleton Park is a new Clan Capital District that will allow you to unlock the Inferno Dragon troop, two new base defenses, and the Graveyard Spell.

You can unlock Skeleton Park at Capital Hall level 8.

Clash Of Clans December Update - Inferno Dragon Troop

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Melt your opponents with the new Inferno Dragon troop. | © Supercell

The Inferno Dragon is a ranged air troop that can deal a powerful, focused attack on enemies. It fires a single-target beam of focused heat upon enemies. This beam will do increasing amounts of damage over time.

It can only be used in the Clan Capital. It does not have a favorite target and can attack ground and air targets.

Clash Of Clans December Update - Graveyard Spell

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Unleash hordes of Skeletons with the Graveyard Spell. | © Supercell

The Graveyard Spell is a Clan-Capital-exclusive Spell that can summon Skeletons whenever troops are defeated (even if the defeated troop is a defending unit). It will remain active in the same District it was deployed in until the end of the next attack.

The number of summoned Skeletons will depend on the Housing Space of the destroyed Troops. The Graveyard Spell will summon 1 Skeleton for every 3 Housing Space worth of Troops defeated. If the defeated troop is an air unit, Graveyard Spell will summon flying Skeletons instead.

Clash Of Clans December Update - Mini-Minion Hive And Reflector Defenses

Clash Of Clans Capital Defenses Banner
Two new Clan Capital defenses have arrived in the December update. | © Supercell

Two unique defenses have been introduced in the December update: the Mini-Minion Hive And Reflector.

The Mini-Minion Hive shoots clusters of Minions at nearby enemy ground and air troops. It's the perfect counter for swarm troops and aggro attacks.

The Reflector doesn't exactly damage enemies as normal base defenses in Clash of Clans do. Instead, it will reflect enemy attacks at the attacker.

Clash Of Clans December Update - Clan Capital League System

Clan Capital Dec
Clan Capital Leagues are a new system in Clash of Clans. | © Supercell

Clan Capital Leagues is a new ranking system made available for the Clan Capital mode. In it, Clans will earn Capital Trophies depending on how well they perform in Weekend Raids. From there, Clans will be sorted into Leagues based on how many Trophies they have in total.

Your Clan's League won't affect the rewards you get from Raids, but you will be able to earn more Clan XP by staying in the higher Leagues.

You can check out the full details below:

Clash Of Clans December Update - Capital Player Housing Customization

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Customize your Clan Capital House with new decorations. | © Supercell

The December update will allow you to personalize your new Player House. Located at the Clan Capital’s Capital Peak, you will be given a single House when you join a Clan. Once you leave the Clan, you will lose your House.

A set of unlocked customizations will immediately be made available to you. You can unlock customization parts as you gain reputation levels. You can also purchase new ones from the Trader or earn them as a reward from Challenge events. All customization components you've acquired will remain with you even if you join another Clan.

Customizations include your House's Roof, Wall, Ground, and Decorations.

Clash Of Clans December Update - Super Miner Troop

Super Miner Troop Banner
Drill your way to victory with the new Super Miner troop.| © Supercell

The Super Miner is a single-target ground troop that can only attack ground units. He tears through opponents with his high-damage drill.

It's a powerful upgrade to the regular Miner troop at the Home Village and is capable of not only capable of dealing more damage but also capable of tanking more damage.

Clash Of Clans December Update - New Single Player Campaign Levels

Single Player Campaigns banner
Get ready for more single-player action in Clash of Clans. | © Supercell

In the December update, fifteen brand-new single-player campaign levels have been added to Clash of Clans. Each one will be harder than the previous one.

Clash Of Clans December Update - Shovel Of Obstacles Changes

Shovel Of Obstacles Dec Banner
The Shovel of Obstacles received an update. | © Supercell

A quality-of-life change was made to the Shovel of Obstacles magic item. Now, when you use it on an obstacle, the obstacle will become permanently movable. This means you will not need to use a Shovel of Obstacles to move that object again.

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