Brawler Class Changes Could Be Coming To Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars Game Lead, Frank, has revealed that brawler class changes are potentially on their way.

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Changes to brawler classes may be coming to Brawl Stars. | © Supercell

Classes are categories that each brawler in Brawl Stars is classified under. They are meant to highlight a brawler's strengths or describe a playstyle they're best suited to. There are five classes currently in the game: Assassin, Damage Dealer, Hybrid, Support, and Tank.

They're helpful indicators - especially to newer players. But as it stands, they're underutilized as most players only briefly consider them during competitive game modes like Club Games or Power League. They're not important in casual matches.

However, this could all change as Brawl Stars Game Lead Frank has revealed that he's open to hearing feedback from the community on how classes could be improved.

This means we could see an expansion in brawler classes to be more descriptive or a reduction in their sizes to be more simple and direct. Frank has suggested his own ideas, such as removing the Hybrid, merging the Assassin with Damage Dealers, or creating more DPS-specific classes.

The community quickly heard his call for feedback on the matter. This included STMN esports player bobbyBS, who mentioned that he wanted to see the addition of Healer, Spawnable, and Sniper classes.

Another player agreed on expanding classes by saying they would want more specific damage roles. They stated that, "For example, someone like Jessie, Penny, Mr.P and can be 'Spawner'. Also would be nice to return 'Sharpshooter' class or 'Thrower'. Maybe even create a 'Sniper' class from Piper, Belle, Mandy, and Brock."

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We could see an expansion or reduction in brawler classes. | © Supercell

There's also a side of the community that strongly wants the Hybrid class to be removed from the game, as it's too vague and doesn't explain how brawler's particular playing style. Others want a brawler to have more than one class assigned to them.

The possibilities are endless. The suggestions mentioned above were some that Frank has acknowledged as good ideas the Supercell team might consider if they decide on improving brawler classes. There's no guarantee we'll ever see these changes any time soon - or at all - but it's an interesting conversation about an underappreciated aspect of Brawl Stars.

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