Brawl Stars Introduces Starr Road, New Ways To Get Brawlers

Supercell will be introducing the Starr Road and other new ways you can get brawlers in Brawl Stars soon.

Starr Road Brawl Stars
The Starr Road will be introduced to Brawl Stars in the new game update. | © Supercell

Boxes - the Brawl Stars staple - will be removed from the game in the next update on December 12. Supercell reasons that they intended to eliminate all probabilities and uncertainty when unlocking rewards and brawlers. Ultimately, this will make Brawl Stars fairer for players.

Not much information was previously revealed about the new system that would replace them. That is, until the recent Brawl Talk which offered more information about. We now know that it will be called 'Starr Road' and that you will be able to progress through 'steps' to unlock brawlers.

There's a lot of new information to take stock of, so we've put together everything the devs revealed about the Starr Road and more below.

Progress Through The Starr Road To Unlock Brawlers

Starr Road Bguide
Starr Road is a new way you can unlock brawlers in Brawl Stars. | © Supercell

Boxes were one of the ways you could unlock brawlers. They'll be replaced on both Brawl Pass and Trophy Road with other in-game items.

With its removal, Supercell will introduce a new reward track to get brawlers: the Starr Road. You can progress through the track by collecting a new currency called 'Credits.'

Credits Brawl Stars
Credits are a new in-game currency. | © Supercell

You can earn Credits from the Brawl Pass, the Trophy Road, and occasionally from Challenges and Quests. They can also be purchased from special offers in the Shop.

Different brawler rarities require different amounts of Credits to unlock. For each step on the Starr Road, there is a pre-defined brawler rarity you'll need to unlock for the next brawler.

As a new player, you will unlock specific brawlers first, but once you've gathered enough experience with the new system, you'll be able to choose between two to three different brawlers.

Starr Road Steps
Unlock brawlers on the Starr Road by progressing through the steps. | © Supercell

If the brawler you want isn't one of the options on the step, you'll have to keep progressing through the track until that brawler becomes available. You will also be able to purchase any brawler at any given point from the brawler screen.

If you've already started to unlock a brawler and you'd like to speed up the progress, you will be able to purchase the remaining Credits for a lower price with Gems and unlock the brawler instantly.

The Starr Road will be the same layout for all players. But, it will begin to vary depending on the brawlers players decide to collect or whatever progress they have already unlocked before the introduction of Starr Road.

Brawl Unlock Screen Starr Road
You will always be unlocking a brawler on Starr Road. | © Supercell

You will always work towards unlocking a brawler. Once you unlock one, the game will ask you to pick the next brawler you want to unlock, and so on. If you change your mind about the brawler you wish to unlock, you can select the 'switch' button to change to one of the other brawler options available on the step and transfer your progress toward them.

When new brawlers are released to Brawl Stars, you can switch to unlock the new brawler for a limited amount of time. Otherwise, it will go to the end of the Starr Road.

Trophy Road brawlers will now be able to be unlocked on the Starr Road, so they will be assigned new rarities once the update is released.

New Chromatic Shop To Get Chromatic Brawlers

Chromatic Shop
Chromatic brawlers can be unlocked at the new Chromatic Shop. | © Supercell

Chromatic brawlers are not available to unlock on the Starr Road. This is because the main place to unlock brawlers will still be the Brawl Pass. However, they will also be available in their own new Chromatic Shop where you can purchase them using a new currency called 'Chroma Credits' or Gems.

You can get Chroma Credits from the Brawl Pass free track, but they can be occasionally found in Challenges, shop offers, or Quests.

Chromatic Brawler Purchase
Purchase Chromatic brawlers with Chroma Credits. | © Supercell

Once you've collected the required Chroma Credits for a specific brawler, you can purchase them from the Chromatic Shop. The cost of Chromatic brawlers will be based on the release date of the specific brawler.

Also, depending on the release date of the brawler, you may need to own a specific amount of Chromatic brawlers before you are eligible to purchase them. However, you can always purchase them directly with Gems.

Show Off Your Brawl Stars With The New 'Fame' Feature'

Fame Guide
Climb the Fame feature in Brawl Stars. | © Supercell

If you have all the brawlers unlocked, all Credits claimed will be added to a new feature called 'Fame.' The Fame rank is a purely cosmetic way of "flexing your Brawl Stars account," according to Game Lead Frank.

For the time being, your Fame rank will be visible on your player profile and Home Screen. More ways to show your Fame rank in Brawl Stars will be released in the game.

You will also be able to purchase Fame progress with Chroma Credits in case you don't have any more Chromatic brawlers to unlock.

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