Four New Gears Introduced To Brawl Stars

The latest update in Brawl Stars introduces four new brawler-specific Gears.

Brawl Stars New Gears Banner
Four new Gears are here in Brawl Stars. | © Supercell

December is full of festive surprises in Brawl Stars. The CandyLand update has introduced several big changes to how you can get brawlers with the new Starr Road, several new skins, and three brawlers.

We'll also be given four new Gears. This is the first batch of new ones that the devs have released since the massive rework of Gears in a previous update.

Unfortunately, these are all Mythic Gears. This means that each one can only be used by a specific brawler. The lucky brawlers who received a new Gear are Crow, Leon, Sandy, and Spike. Here's an overview of all of them.

New Brawl Stars Gear - Crow

Crow Mythic Gear
Deal more poison damage with Crow's new Gear. | © Supercell

Crow gets a new Mythic Gear called Enduring Toxins. It increases the damage done by his poison effects by 30%.

New Brawl Stars Gear - Leon

Leon Mythic Gear
Increase the duration of your Super with this Gear. | © Supercell

Leon gets a new Mythic Gear called Lingering Smoke. It increases his Smoke Bomb Super duration by one second.

New Brawl Stars Gear - Sandy

Sandy Mythic Gear
Enemies stuck inside Sandy's Super deal less damage with this Gear equipped. | © Supercell

Sandy gets a new Mythic Gear called Exhausting Storm. Enemies inside Sandy's Sandstorm Super deal 10% less damage.

New Brawl Stars Gear - Spike

Spike Mythic Gear
Slow down enemies with this new Gear. | © Supercell

Spike gets a new Mythic Gear called Sticky Spikes. Spike's Stick Around! Super slows enemies 50% more effectively.

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